Back to health…

Hello again! I realise it’s been quite a while since my last post – not quite what I’d intended! Unfortunately, with just a few days to go on my month long India trip in February, I was struck down with a rather unpleasant parasite which knocked me out for a few weeks. Happily I’m now back to full fitness and am planning my postponed trip to The Gambia. I’ll be reporting back on that in the very near future as well as other up-coming trips to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Pakistan and Mongolia. In the meantime, though, I wanted to introduce my colleague Malek. He’s recently been to Tripoli, Libya, collecting data and meeting up with family there. He had the opportunity to chat with both locals and expatriates as well as do some exploring around the city to find out what life is like there at the moment and how it is changing. I thought his experiences would be of interest to followers of my blog and have invited him to guest blog this week. So do keep watching this space which, health permitting, I hope to fill on a regular basis again in the coming weeks!

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World traveller, researcher, photographer, collector of interesting facts and cost of living data research for ECA International (
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