Well hello!

My name is Mark and I work for a company called ECA International.  Broadly speaking, we supply data, software and expertise to multinational companies to help them create competitive salary systems for their mobile staff.

I am one of a team of International  Data Researchers.  That means I get to travel the world researching the locations where expatriates commonly live and shop, reporting on the quality, availability and costs of goods and services.  I have seen many weird and wonderful places and met some amazing people, had some funny experiences and taken a great deal of photographs.  So I thought it would be good to share some of these experiences with anyone who finds them interesting.  Please feel free to comment and contribute…

I hope you like it! 🙂


7 Responses to About

  1. ethan says:

    Keep it up Mark, write often!

  2. Nick Garrad says:

    Hi Mark, what’s your email address? It’d be great to get in touch about becoming an International Data Researcher with ECA – I’ve just seen they’re re-advertising the post, deadline’s next Friday. As an overland tour leader I think I’m well suited.
    Love the style – positivity with objectivity, and good to see your colleagues’ blogs included.
    Blue skies

    • Hi Nick, you’ll probably have seen that I’ve been on holiday so I’ve only just seen this but all applications went via the recruitment email anyway. Glad you enjoy the blog and good luck with the application!

  3. Rosie Tirant says:

    Hi Mark, loved you article about the Seychelles. My debut novel ‘Echoes from the Oasis’ set on the eve of World War One in the Seychelles (a British Colony then), was published last month and available in Kindle and Paperback at amazon. Do you think it would be something that would interest your readers, please let me know. All the best, Rosie.

  4. olgaistefan says:

    Hi Mark, I will be traveling to Dushanbe for an art project and am wondering if I can get in touch with someone in the expat community to host me and my art partner for a week or so. I would very much appreicate it. I am living in Switzerland but am originally from CHicago and my partner is from Romania. Thanks, Olga

    • Hi Olga,
      Sadly I don’t have any contacts there I can point you to. There are, however, various social networks that might be able to help you out like internations.org for example.

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