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India’s Millennium City… plus a data researcher’s nightmare

It’s been a while since my last blog post but, truth be told, I’ve been busy rushing around India, Nepal and Bangladesh as well as researching other upcoming data collection trips. Regular readers of the blog may recall that my first ever post, … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Don’t call me Princess Solomon! (The ups and downs of the solo female traveller)

Our data collection trips for 2014 don’t start for a couple of weeks but I’ll be reporting on my visits to locations in Africa and Japan after that. In the meantime my colleague, Rachel, reflects on how some of her travel experiences, as … Continue reading

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Delhi Belly

Wanderingmark is unwell..

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Aggro in Agra

Wow! I thought the streets of the big cities were chaotic but nothing prepared me for the onslaught of pandemonium which awaited me on the streets of Varanasi, where I spent a day taking time out from work. Bicycles, tricycles, … Continue reading

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Getting fatter in Kolkata

Getting fatter? Well, it’s not strictly true even though I’ve been surviving on a daily diet of my Western favourites of pizza, doughnuts and Twix bars. I’ve never been able to handle spicy food and so I like to stick … Continue reading

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There’s a cheetah in my bungalow!

Fact: Indians love cricket. So I found it quite strange that the national sport is actually hockey, although you’d be hard pushed to have a chinwag with a tuk-tuk driver or a restaurant waiter about how the national hockey team is … Continue reading

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Moving on to Bangalore

I have a correction to make about my last post! The ‘small, but perfectly formed, expatriate favourite Dorabjee’s’ in Pune is now not so small! In the last three years it has morphed into a three-storey expatriate grocery heaven with … Continue reading

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The splendid chaos of India

So I’ve been in India since Saturday when I arrived in the seething chaos of Mumbai at a rather discombobulating (I love that word and will probably use it on here way too often) time of half past four in … Continue reading

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