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Crest, Colgate or Aquafresh?

Or none of the above? That was the situation that greeted me recently whilst scanning the aisles of a supermarket in Bali. I didn’t become flustered, though, as both Sensodyne and Pepsodent were available. Phew! Something as mundane as brands … Continue reading

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Selamat Datang

Selamat Datang – two words that have greeted me wherever I’ve been here in Indonesia. It took me a while to get here though. After finishing my previous blog post in the lobby of my hotel in Cebu I then … Continue reading

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A brighter future for East Timor

My time in Surabaya passed without incident or much to write home about. It was my second visit to the city and, much like I found in India, new malls have popped up in the last five years but it’s … Continue reading

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Hello…from Balikpapan

Wow! Jakarta is seemingly in a different world to that of Batam, let alone it being the same country. This was my first visit to Indonesia’s capital and I have to say the similarities with Batam stop at the currency … Continue reading

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An Eid introduction to Indonesia

Well, much to my surprise, I managed to make it out of Port-Gentil in Gabon and back to Libreville in time to catch my flight to London. It turns out that the airport in Port-Gentil is undergoing improvements so that … Continue reading

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