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Khartoum – safer than you’d imagine

During the recent survey period I managed to only visit two new countries (booo!). With only 34 left out of 196 this is hardly surprising but what was surprising was that I managed to get there at all. I had … Continue reading

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Peak to peak via Fuzhou and Kunming

Welcome to the third instalment of my recent trip to China. My journey began in Shanghai, after which I visited the cities of Suzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou. Moving on from Hangzhou I gave myself a couple of days rest – … Continue reading

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Shanghai – China’s vertical city

As you may have gathered from the last post on this blog I have been in China and unable to access the WordPress website which hosts the blog. For the past month I have been without Google (and more importantly … Continue reading

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From high in the Andes to the Pacific coast – Ecuador to Peru

My first visit to Ecuador’s capital city, Quito, was some eight years ago. I remember back then the immediate effects of the high altitude on my breathing and how I kept having to take deep controlled breaths just to…er…breathe! Well, … Continue reading

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From rickshaw capital to elevated capital: Dhaka to Kathmandu

From a cost of living data collection point of view moving from India to Bangladesh was rather a surprise. I mentioned in my last post about the difficulties of getting imported foodstuffs in parts of India but in Bangladesh’s capital … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Visiting one of the world’s wealthiest countries – Qatar

Our last blog looked at one of the world’s least visited countries. Here my colleague, Nick, writes about his time in a country with one of the world’s fastest growing populations. Hope you enjoy! All the best, Mark. Arriving into Doha, capital city … Continue reading

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Is Albania closer to EU membership?

This past winter was a very wet one for me and my fellow Brits as the rain seemed to lash down unabated for weeks on end. Whilst the downpours have quietened somewhat in the UK other parts of Europe have … Continue reading

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Markets, dams and flagpoles: 48 hours in Tajikistan’s capital

ECA currently publishes cost of living indices for over 425 locations worldwide and my latest trip saw me rack up my 200th location where I have collected data. Yes, the geek in me keeps a list of such things! From … Continue reading

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Expats in Paradise?

The Seychelles is a destination most often associated with honeymoons, picture postcard beaches, impossibly azure waters and year-round sun. But what is life actually like for those sent to work there on assignment? My latest data collection trip had me … Continue reading

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Rwanda today

I won’t go in to details over who was to blame and why (this BBC article from 2011 sums it up quite concisely – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-13431486) – but in the space of a hundred days in 1994 20% of the population of … Continue reading

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