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Play it again, Sam

Er, actually these words were never uttered in the classic film Casablanca made in 1942 and set in the Moroccan city of the same name. The leading lady, Ingrid Bergman, says both “Play it once, Sam, for old times’ sake.” … Continue reading

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Djibouti – A nation of qat lovers

In over 34 years of life I have never been pickpocketed, not even in London. Well, that changed yesterday as I was strolling through the central market of Djibouti City. I would say that I’m a very savvy traveller on … Continue reading

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Ivory Coast or Côte d’Ivoire?

Apparently the president of the country requests that it officially be called Côte d’Ivoire by everyone, even those with English as a first language. This seems to be a bit of an anomaly amongst the world’s countries as all countries … Continue reading

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It’s a cracker!

Rachel’s been pondering what the festive season is like for expatriates around the world. I hope you enjoy our final blog for the year. We’ll be back with more in 2013! Best wishes, Mark More than any other time of … Continue reading

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After election day in Freetown

A couple of weeks ago I arrived back in London after visiting my final country for this year. It’s cold here in London but in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown the lowest temperature ever recorded is 19 degrees Celsius and how … Continue reading

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Guest blog: The road to Hell-Bourg and back

While I was away in ‘the Congos’, Rachel was also in Africa. Below she shares some of her experiences and impressions from quite a different part of that vast continent. Next week I’ll be back blogging about my trip to … Continue reading

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Crumble in the Jungle

In October 1974 many of the world’s eyes were focussed on the city of Kinshasa in what was then known as Zaire – now the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – when the celebrated boxer Muhammad Ali fought George Foreman … Continue reading

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Il pleut!….Thank heavens for my ‘Africa’ shoes!

I travel quite a bit to Africa and other areas of the globe where it often helps to not look like you’re rich pickings. As such, I have a pair of ten year old Puma trainers with holes galore and … Continue reading

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Out and about in Yaoundé and Douala

Last week it was Cameroon’s turn to be the genial host of wanderingmark. Located on the Atlantic coast of Central Africa, it was my 130th country (only 66 left to go now!), and the trip took in the capital city … Continue reading

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Guest blog: From St Petersburg With Love

I’ve mentioned my fellow data researcher, Rachel, in an earlier blog (Do I need a visa?). Since then she’s been to Russia and was happy to share some of her experiences. Enjoy! Mark It’s just over three years since I … Continue reading

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