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Mozambique – It’s not all AK-47s and drug barons!

It’s not uncommon to have a weapon such as a sword or a shield on a national flag as these often symbolize a country’s struggle for freedom, but what about having a Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle?! Well, if you look … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Big Macs and beef in Buenos Aires

My colleague Nick visited the Argentine capital Buenos Aires back in October before the government lifted currency controls on the peso. Below he shares his experience. Best wishes, Mark. On the night bus from Córdoba to Buenos Aires, the conductor mumbled … Continue reading

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Khartoum – safer than you’d imagine

During the recent survey period I managed to only visit two new countries (booo!). With only 34 left out of 196 this is hardly surprising but what was surprising was that I managed to get there at all. I had … Continue reading

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What is life like in Saudi Arabia as women go to the polls for the first time?

Before last weekend what did Saudi Arabia and Vatican City uniquely have in common? Well, they were the only two countries in the world where women were not allowed to vote or run for office. On Saturday, however, this changed … Continue reading

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From mystical Tibet to cosmopolitan Guangdong

This is my final instalment of blog posts on China. After leaving the sublime Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan Province I had one more ‘side trip’ before getting to Guangzhou from where I continued my work. And what a side … Continue reading

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Shanghai – China’s vertical city

As you may have gathered from the last post on this blog I have been in China and unable to access the WordPress website which hosts the blog. For the past month I have been without Google (and more importantly … Continue reading

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Raining meteorites in Namibia

I mentioned in my previous post how different South Africa is to the rest of the continent but I must amend this and say that ‘Southern Africa’ is unlike the rest of the continent. South Africa’s neighbours Namibia and Botswana … Continue reading

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